Sunday, November 16, 2014

Telephone Book - Do not loose your contacts again!!

Have you ever Lost your contacts when you changed phone or sim card? Never again!

With this program you can store all the phones and details for all of your contacts.

Do not worry , all your data is saved on your pc with a backup and you will never lose it again.

  1. Backup feature for accidentally deletion. 
  2. Slim mode to be always opened on your pc screen.
  3. Easy and multi-search mode.
  4. Multiple phones for each user.
  5. Import from excel file or Android backup.
  6. Export as excel file. 
  7. Printable excel file. 
  8. Export file to easily restore your contacts on Android phone. 
  9. Address/Birthday/Email/Notes etc. 
To install click HERE!

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