Saturday, November 10, 2012


You like creating your own WebPages?
Have YOU ever been bored with your webpage's host who is limiting you?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Install Windows from USB

Can Anyone remember the old 5.25 floppy Disks?
In the near future Optical drives will become an old memory too!!!

Blazing FAST RAM Drive

Virtual RAM Drive!

You have a slow Hard Drive and plenty of free RAM space?

This can change!

Now you can make your Ram treat as a Hard Drive and take advantage of amazing fast speeds by storing files and programs on it.

Speed up internet, load times, disk-to-disk activities!

THE BEST? Your data are still there even after Reboot! 

You can download it free for personal use from HERE!

Undervolt - Extend Your PC LIFETIME

Your PC or Laptop gets really hot?

USE now RightMark CPU Clock Utility:
Give an end to Overheat!

Extend your laptop's battery life!

Extend your CPU lifetime!

Manage and observe all the tasks and states of your CPU!

Prevent it from getting slow, because of heat!

Enable Dynamic Acceleration (IDA), change FSB speed (DFFS) and make your PC faster than ever! (PS. If it is supported by your System!)

You can download it from HERE, with more other Cool Staff!

Faster & Clean PC

Clean and defragment your Windows registry. Tune up your system performance and stability, securing and speeding up your Windows PC.

Delete temporary files and privacy traces, as well as useless Windows files (IME etc.) Defragment your disk, free disk space and improve overall PC performance.

For more tweaks from Wise click HERE!!!

Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows XP

(assume single disk with Windows 7 installed in first partition)

1. Boot from CD or USB and Install Official Windows XP.
2. Reboot with Windows 7 / Vista Repair (or install) disk.
3. Go to command prompt and do:
·         Bootrec /fixmbr
·         Re-Boot
4. Then windows 7 / Vista can be loaded.
5. Install and Run EasyBCD (free for non-commercial use).
6. Go to "add new entry", select Type: WindowsNT/XP/2000.
               Name: Microsoft Windows XP
               Drive: - - -
7. Then go to "Bootloader setup" and select "Install the windows 7     
    bootloader to MBR" and hit "Write to MBR".
8. Restart!!!

Now everything should be ok!!!

Dual Boot Android and Windows


(assume single disk with Windows 7 installed in first partition)

  1. Download EasyBCD (free for non-commercial use).
  2. Download Android 4.
  3. Install Android to your partition, install grub and add the windows to it when it see it.
  4. Run Android after your done to make sure it works.
  5. Reboot and select Windows from the Grub Menu.
  6. Run EasyBCD and select add entry, select NeoGrub, select install, save changes and exit.
  7. Open My computer, double click on Android disk, double click grub, copy menu.lst....exit..(assumes FAT32 format)
  8. Open My computer, double click on Windows disk, double click NST folder, paste menu.lst.....exit
  9. Reboot with Windows 7 Repair(or install) disk.
  10. Go to command prompt and do:

  • Bootrec /fixmbr
  • Re-Boot

Now everything should be ok!!!